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The objective of breathing reflection is to relax your mind as well as create internal peace. You can make use of breathing meditations alone or as an initial practice to lower your disturbances before engaging in meditation. Buddha Bracelet or 108 counting beads often help us to stay focussed thus help us in meditation.  It is often known to bring lucky charm in our love life, prosperity, peace in the family.


The first stage of meditation is to stop interruptions and make our mind clear of ideas. At the beginning, it will certainly be quite challenging as our mind is always filled with ideas. This can be accomplished by practising a basic breathing meditation.

We rest with our eyes closed and turn our attention to our breathing. We take a breath normally, ideally through the nostrils, without trying to control our natural breathing pattern, and we try to familiarize the feeling of the breath as it goes into as well as leaves the nostrils. This experience is our item of reflection. We should attempt to focus on it to the exclusion of every little thing else.

At initially, our mind will certainly be really hectic, and also we could also really feel that the meditation is making our mind busier; yet in truth we are simply coming to be more mindful of just how active our mind really is. If we find that our mind has roamed and is following our thoughts, we must right away return it to the breath. We must duplicate this as numerous times as necessary till the mind settles on the breath.